Affinity Pin Badge and Magnet Set


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Rejoice! Through the power of econ-combinatorics, we are now able to offer you these attractive Affinity icons in pin and magnet form in the same package! Breakthroughs in quantum computational thermodynamic packaging mean that you can purchase two items by putting only one thing in your virtual shopping cart. Take advantage of this now, before the universe notices we are exploiting a loophole in its fundamental structure.

These solid state devices emit a magnetic field without the need for an external power source, making them useful for securing low-mass objects to conductive surfaces to counter the force of gravity. Our scientists particularly recommend them for hanging notes and lab reports on the refrigerator.

In the event your Affinity t-shirt (available elsewhere on this site) is in the laundry, you will need to display your allegiance to one of the future ideals of humanity. In that case, may we humbly recommend this pin set? This set also has the advantage of containing all possible Affinity logos and hybrids (in the event your post humanism varies day-to-day). Utility and convenience in six tiny packages! This is the future we were promised!