Civilization VI Explorer Pack - Signature Edition


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The Signature Edition includes an 11x17 Sid Meier’s Civilization VI lithograph signed by Sid Meier and the leads of the dev team: Ed Beach, Dennis Shirk, and Brian Busatti.

Do you yearn to set out for distant shores and new continents? The fully-functional brass sextant and compass each comes complete with a Civilization VI wood presentation case, and will provide elegant themed decoration for your desk or office. The pen is a mighty weapon for the explorer, and the notebook (bound in 25 pt fiber felt) is convenient for charting your finds. In the event your desk or office goes out to sea beyond the sight of land, these tools can be used to locate your latitude and heading (some additional math will be required on your part at that point.) The Signature Edition is a limited run of 50, so secure yours today.

*Nautical compass and sextant are not toys, not suitable for children.

*Civilization VI Explorer Pack –Signature Edition does not include Civilization VI game.