BioShock Infinite: The Complete Edition
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Experience the entire award-winningBioShock Infinitestory withBioShock Infinite: The Complete Edition. With over $50 in content value, this pack includes the main game and all available add-on content in the same edition for the first time ever.


  • BioShock Infinite Main Game
  • Season Pass
    • Clash in the Clouds Add-On Pack
    • Burial at Sea – Episode 1 Add-On Pack
    • Burial at Sea – Episode 2 Add-On Pack
    • Early Bird Special Pack
  • Columbia's Finest
    • Industrial Revolution Rewards Pack
    • BioShock Infinite Upgrade Pack
    • Comstock's China Broom Shotgun
    • Comstock's Bird's Eye Sniper Rifle
Blood and Gore
Intense Violence
Mild Sexual Themes
Use of Alcohol and Tobacco
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