Borderlands 3 Tyreen Calypso Statue (Pre-Order)


Estimated inventory status: Pre-Order: Estimated to Ship Fall 2020

Maximum order quantity: 4

“Don’t expect mercy. I’m not that kind of god.”There are Vault Hunters, and then there’s Tyreen Calypso. She’s the god-queen in the making, a vampiric Siren with a fondness for live-streaming murder requests. Backed by a bandit army and a cult of rabid ECHOnet followers, Tyreen has eyes and ears everywhere. Her magnetic charm saps the will of her viewers as surely as her power drains the abilities of other Sirens. Along with her twin brother, Troy, and with all the hordes of the Children of the Vault at her beck and call, Tyreen has more than positioned herself for victory in her quest to be first to The Great Vault.

In celebration of Borderlands 3's long-awaited launch, we're thrilled to bring collectors our statue of Tyreen Calypso. Standing tall and cocky amidst a scattering of scrap metal, with her gun at the ready and her cloak billowing in the breeze, Tyreen is the very essence of a corrupted Siren. The statue’s 14.5 inches in overall height enhances that impression, making the Tyreen Calypso Statue a dominant centerpiece in the collection of any Borderlands fan.

  • Based on the Borderlands 3 character
  • Polyresin statue
  • Polyresin environmental base
  • Hand-painted to match the hand-inked style of Borderlands 3 characters
  • Dimensions: 11.25in (W) x 5.75 (D) x 14.5 (H)
  • Will likely expect your fanatical devotion

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