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XCOM 2 Skirmisher T-Shirt - Product Image 1
XCOM 2 Skirmisher T-Shirt
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You know what the Elders have planned for Earth, and you don’t want any part of it. You’re not going to be anyone’s pawn for another minute. You’ve had enough balatan, and aren’t gonna take any more. Throw off the shackles of ADVENT, and put on this shirt! 100% cotton, without genetic alteration or mind-controlling technology. Show your independence, your pride, and your power as a Skirmisher!

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Size Chart

  • S - Chest (Inches) 35-36
  • M - Chest (Inches) 37-39
  • L - Chest (Inches) 40-42
  • XL - Chest (Inches) 43-45
  • XXL - Chest (Inches) 46-48